As a public service, I must warn you

I have received numerous accounts of people who, upon starting to read THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN INCORRIGIBLE, have been unable to put it down.

Other side effects such as laughing out loud in public and crying intermittently have also been reported.

Since this book is available online almost everywhere, in Kindle, Nook, Hardcover, and Paperback, please see this information receives the widest dissemination possible.

Thank you for your time.

Here is a link to stores around the world that have the book.


Fact of the matter is… or; SERIOUSLY…

OK, I know I am all over the place with my sardonic humor, my infantry humor, and my alcohol fueled rants;

But, the fact is, I wish I could find a way to let the “young adult” group find out about my last book, THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN INCORRIGIBLE.

The truth is I wrote it for that age group, but with my grand kids in mind. The book is definitely a PG-13 rating but nothing more.

I wanted them to understand the way things were as I grew up in America and why I did the things I did, and even why they shouldn’t do some of the things I did.

In short the book is about life lessons learned the hard way, in a personal “one on one” manner. And as always, I did it with my sense of humor, not in a preaching or condescending way.

I know my grand kids will get the enjoyment and intended messages, years from now, but I wish I could reach more “young adults”.

I think this reviewer got it exactly right;

“Life lessons are shared throughout the story, and are lessons that can fit anyone, in any situation. They are not cliché, or redundant, or untimely. They are important…”


Y’all have a fantastic weekend!


It’s not just for breakfast anymore!


Yeah, I know those BeeryO’s commercials, “breakfast of champions” and all that, they try to make you think that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my BeeryO’s in the morning.

But a cold beer is good anytime!

…in fact I think it’s beer thirty hours right now


This changed my thought processes. It had added a greater sense of urgency. I knew I could not stay there any longer. I would have to jump.

My best guess was I needed to jump about five or six feet out in order to land on the rock. The top of the rock looked to be maybe fifteen or twenty feet across. I took a deep breath, exhaled, and jumped.

The fall seemed to last forever. I had severely misjudged how far down it really was. As I fell through the cool black night, with the starlight lighting the way, I knew I would have a hard landing.

With a jolt that went from the bottom of my feet, through my body, and up to my teeth, I landed in the middle of the smaller boulder. The landing was indeed hard, much harder than I expected. In fact the rock was much larger than it had seemed before. I did a quick check but nothing was broken. Then I looked up, about twenty or more feet, to the top of the rock that only seconds ago I was on. I had been thinking it was maybe ten feet when I jumped.

I made it and that was all that was important to me at the time. The rest of the way off the rocks was comparatively easy.


Excerpt from Chapter 2 The life & Times of an Incorrigible

…One day, in sixth grade, I was sent to the principal for a fight or something, but I don’t really remember. I do remember getting suspended and learning a new word. She said that I was an ‘incorrigible’. I had to look that one up when I left her office. She also said I would never amount to anything in my life. I guess she was half right anyway.


Some wisdom to pin on your refrigerator

This is a list of some of things I have learned over the years.


Kid’s, life is hard, get over it.

Good judgment comes from experience.

Experience comes from bad judgment.

Authority can be delegated.

Responsibility cannot be delegated.

You can’t demand respect.

Respect must be earned.

Don’t pick a fight with an old man.

If he can’t beat you, he’ll probably just kill you.

And lastly, beware of an old man in a profession where men die young.

I hope you will find something in this that will be helpful.

Just remember; life is good, whether you like it or not.




I had a favorite term for the troops. I would say, “Get over here, shit for brains”. One day my company commander overheard me and said, “Drill Sergeant, don’t you call them that”. I answered, “Yes sir” and tried to be more discreet. I got caught again with the same admonishment. The third time he caught me, he was standing right behind me. He told me he would give me an article 15 (company punishment) if I ever did it again.

I was talking to a drill sergeant from another company about my situation and he made a great suggestion that gave me an idea. Realizing I could not afford to have that happen again, I rounded up the whole company and took them to a classroom.

I said, “Men, in the Army we use acronyms such as LAW,” (Light Antitank Weapon). I gave several examples. Then I said, “You have reached a point in your training where we consider you to be ‘Trainees Under Rapid Development’, or TURDs. So if a drill sergeant refers to you as a TURD, he is using an acronym. I made sure that the whole company knew what a TURD was.

From then on I used this acronym when referring to my troops. Once after that, while the whole company was on the rifle range for a week, the first sergeant and I were talking when I called someone a TURD. He said, “Sergeant Roberts, you can’t say that. The company commander will hear you.” I said, “So?” I looked at the troop and said; “Tell the first sergeant what a TURD is.” Without hesitation, the TURD explained.

The first sergeant told me I was lucky he knew that. I told him that they all knew it. Just pick one. Just then, a private was walking by and the first sergeant said, “Come here soldier.” Again I told him to explain what a TURD was. He gave him the same answer the other trooper did. The first sergeant just shook his head and said, “Sergeant Roberts, you’re a trip.”


Friday is often underrated

Due to work schedules,

Deployment to combat zones,


Or sitting in your mama’s basement and sipping coco in your pajamas while trolling the internet;

Many don’t understand how important Friday is.

It is, after all, the beginning of the weekend!

Even if for some reason you are unable to do the things normal people do on Fridays;

Like going out partying until dawn,

Trying to pick up girls,

Getting commode hugging drunk,

Waking up in a bath tub with writing on your forehead in magic marker,

Ya know, normal stuff

You still need to recognize the beginning of the weekend!

Friday only happens once a week!

In our life we are only allocated just so many Fridays, then one day they are gone.

When Friday happens don’t let it go to waste!

On LZ Jerry; Friday is never wasted!

Y’all have a great weekend, and to help avoid possible jail time;

Never do anything I would do.


Friday on LZ Jerry 05/29/2015 (Humor & Life Wisdom)


Yes folks, Friday is upon us once again. Just remember; we are only allocated one per week, so don’t let it go to waste.

I woke up alive this morning and said; thank you Lord for another chance to get it right. The only thing is, I’m pretty sure I’ll screw this one up too.

The LZ, because of all the rain, is due for another cutting of the weeds and the small amounts of grass that persist in growing among them.

It was too wet to cut this morning, so I waited for it to dry. Now it’s just too fuckin hot. Maybe I’ll try to do it late this afternoon when it cools off. Either that or I’ll just sit on the porch with Mack my Black Lab, drink beer, and watch it grow.


I actually have fun cutting it because I like to put my 17HP tractor at full throttle and high gear, and try not to run it into the creek or pond. It really goes pretty fast.

I have decided to revive the old Friday tradition of Jerry’s Famous Wings and copious amounts of cold Beer!

On a sad note; the box turtle I told you about has fallen prey to the Devouring Period (spring). I found some turtle guts by the pond and some pieces of shell all the way up on the road. It may have been the resident Black Bear who has been unsuccessful at getting into my garbage lately.


Just a reminder, that our stay on this earth is tenuous at best. So, although the numerous reports of my demise have always, in the past, been greatly exaggerated, they will one day be true.

Until then, I intend to live my life fully.

Life on LZ Jerry is good!

I can’t complain, even if I did it wouldn’t make any diference

I really can’t complain about my life.


No, I’m not rich or famous; in fact I grew up on peanut butter sandwiches, beans, rice, and hot dogs. But what I did have going for me was the fact I had the opportunity to do or be anything I wanted.

I was born an American.

In a free country it is your decisions that determine who you are and what you accomplish. It’s easy to blame everything and everyone but yourself.

I have had my share of disappointment and failure. I don’t blame anyone.

I chose a profession that most people either would not or could not do and did it pretty damn well. I accept responsibility for my life and I am proud of my choice to become a protector of freedom in the world.


I don’t want to hear about your “safe space”; get your ass out and do something, even if it hurts. This is a free country! It’s up to you.

Just remember; In the end, we are remembered for what we do, not what we say we do…

SitRep 2/6/15 LZ Jerry


Spring like weather with 30 degree swing from day to night.

The biggest factor has been the wind. This week it came blowing through here at 100 mph. Well, OK …maybe not that bad …but it seemed like it.

A few weeks ago wind destroyed the shelter I had made for my dogs. This week I managed to get that completely rebuilt with a few design modifications that seem to work.

The stress level on LZ Jerry has been higher than usual for the last few weeks, but this week on my 1 to 5 scale it was between a 3 to 4. 1 being normal and 5 being worst case scenario.

Had to deal with civilians which always raises the stress level but the combination of civilians, cold, wind, and loss of my water supply for over 24 hours was what brought it up so high.

Don’t misunderstand, LZ Jerry is totally self sufficient. I use creek water in situations like this, but don’t really like having to carry 5 gal containers of water up from the creek.

There were a couple of days that were nice which allowed me to work on the dog shelter but when the water went out in late afternoon it was a bad to worse situation. It got down to 16 degrees that night.

The next day the wind started and it seemed, while working on the water station, that no amount of clothes would keep me warm. That was especially true when working hard enough to get hot, then taking off clothes to cool down only to be cold again.

The bottom line is plumbing is not one of my favorite things. The irony being in the SCUBA business I was constantly building fill stations and gas mixing equipment using pressures as high as 5000psi. (to give a little perspective a car tire is usually 35-40psi).

Today my hands are sore with numerous cuts and abrasions and the rest of my body is telling me; Jerry you’re a fucking old man, but my mind is telling me; you’re fucking infantry and you can do anything.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see who wins.

The good thing is, the sky is the bluest of blue, the sun is out, Lake Jerry is still full of fish waiting to be caught, and Mack’s Creek is running crystal clear.


It’s Friday and the fridge is full of cold beer. The Daytona race is just around the corner.

In summary; LZ Jerry is still a liberal free zone. It’s Friday! It could get drunk out tonight.

Life is good on LZ Jerry

Update on dog shelter; 02/16/17 wind, rain, & snow has not affected the new shelter and is still standing today