I can’t complain, even if I did it wouldn’t make any diference

I really can’t complain about my life.


No, I’m not rich or famous; in fact I grew up on peanut butter sandwiches, beans, rice, and hot dogs. But what I did have going for me was the fact I had the opportunity to do or be anything I wanted.

I was born an American.

In a free country it is your decisions that determine who you are and what you accomplish. It’s easy to blame everything and everyone but yourself.

I have had my share of disappointment and failure. I don’t blame anyone.

I chose a profession that most people either would not or could not do and did it pretty damn well. I accept responsibility for my life and I am proud of my choice to become a protector of freedom in the world.


I don’t want to hear about your “safe space”; get your ass out and do something, even if it hurts. This is a free country! It’s up to you.

Just remember; In the end, we are remembered for what we do, not what we say we do…

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