Are you likely to enjoy reading this book?

If you are a book reader, and read and enjoyed the books Catch-22 or The Revolt of Gunner Asch, there is a real good chance you will like my last book.

When you read The Life & Times of an Incorrigible, you have to understand my sense of humor. The stories are true but the way the story is told, conveys the attitude and perception of the person telling the story, at the time it happened.


I have had people describe the book as funny, sad, and sometimes profound.

If you have enjoyed my Tweets, book excerpts, and other stories, then there is a good chance you will like my book.

There are reviews on Amazon you can read, and the book is available in several formats; Hardcover, Paperback (2 versions), Kindle & Nook Book.

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Oh, and I like dogs…