This is my third attempt


A few years ago, I decided to start a blog to promote my books.

It sounded like a good idea at the time.

Each time I started a blog, I planned the constraints that would be applied to insure I was showing my books in the best manner.

My problem was, I would stray from the task at hand and do post that didn’t really have much, if anything at all, to do with my books.

This usually occurred on weekends, often after BBQ and several beers. My infantry humor would have me giving my unfiltered perspective on events instead of the books.

Apparently, there were other people who seemed to enjoy the post and began to follow the blog. I was happy to have close to three hundred people following the blog but I realized it was not what I had set out to do.

Now on this, my third attempt, I find myself doing the same thing.

As I thought about it and did a little self-analysis I realized something that should have been obvious to me from the start; my books are true stories about my life and my blog just reflects my personality.

It occurred to me that if someone enjoys my random, sometimes alcohol fueled post, then they will probably enjoy my latest book as well.

So, with that thought in mind, when the urge hits me to promote my book, I will do it depending on how I feel at the time. If, on the other hand, I just feel like sharing whatever random  thought is in my brain at the time; I will do that also.


I hope this will explain why my other blogs disappeared into the black-hole of the internet.

To the dozen or so brave souls who have chosen to follow this blog; thank you very much!

Please feel free to leave your comments, questions, and snide remarks on my blog.

Have a great day!


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