I still think paper is better


I had a computer crash about a month ago, and although I had backup, emergency disc, and everything else, I was still not able to restore my data. I lost about two years of writing, emails, comments from twitter, and notes. I did find the following saved on a disc.

These are some of the comments and reviews I have received on my new book.

Life & Times of an Incorrigible…It is wonderful. I laughed out loud so much my granddaughter thinks I am crazy. It made me cry, I’m really sorry about your Emy. I know I have never actually heard your voice, but I swear Jerry I could “hear” you throughout that book. I cannot tell you what a wonderful storyteller you are…It really is a great book!!! 

I received “The Life & Times of an Incorrigible” today. It is great. I couldn’t put it down…

Life & Times of an Incorrigible…You really have a gift for making a person feel like they are right there with you when you write. I know that I have never actually met you, but I can see your face when you tell someone basically, “too late, I already did that”. I really, really enjoyed your book… 

Life & Times of an Incorrigible…It sounds like you and I could have been twins, the BB gun wars brought back quite a few long forgotten times…

“Life & Times of an Incorrigible” Did it in two days. Good, good, book couldn’t put it down…

Life & Times of an Incorrigible…Your book allows the rest of us the opportunity to live life through your eyes…edge of the envelope without getting cut…

Life & Times of an Incorrigible…Man! That was crazy jumping off that boulder in the middle of the night. Pursuit motivates… 

Life & Times of an Incorrigible…Imagine sitting in a bar and listening to an old soldier tell you about his life. That’s what this book is. It’s funny, sad and profound. Toward the end of the book, Jerry tells us: “In the end, my greatest regret is to never have risen above mediocrity.” He is so wrong. I really enjoyed his story.

“Life & Times of an Incorrigible” If u sleep thru it u probably sleep through sex too. Great fun romp disguised as good read…






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