Friday on LZ Jerry 05/29/2015 (Humor)

Since it’s Friday again, this old post seemed appropriate.

Yes folks, Friday is upon us once again. Just remember; we are only allocated one per week, so don’t let it go to waste.

I woke up alive this morning and said; thank you Lord for another chance to get it right. The only thing is, I’m pretty sure I’ll screw this one up too.

The LZ, because of all the rain, is due for another cutting of the weeds and the small amounts of grass that persist in growing among them.

It was too wet to cut this morning, so I waited for it to dry. Now it’s just too fuckin hot. Maybe I’ll try to do it late this afternoon when it cools off. Either that or I’ll just sit on the porch with Mack my Black Lab, drink beer, and watch it grow.


Actually I have fun cutting it because I like to put my 17HP tractor at full throttle and high gear, and try not to run it into the creek or pond. It really goes pretty fast.

I have decided to revive the old Friday tradition of Jerry’s Famous Wings and copious amounts of cold Beer!


On a sad note; the box turtle I told you about has fallen prey to the Devouring Period (spring). I found some turtle guts by the pond and some pieces of shell all the way up on the road. It may have been the resident Black Bear who has been unsuccessful at getting into my garbage lately. He sorts my garbage for me by dumping it out on the ground and separating the edible from the non edible, then leaves the non edible for me to clean up.


It’s just a reminder; our stay on this earth is tenuous at best.

So, although the numerous reports of my demise have always, in the past, been greatly exaggerated, they will, one day, be true.

Until then, I intend to live my life fully.

Life on LZ Jerry is always good!


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