Hickory Smoke

Today as I was standing over my BBQ, with tears in my eyes, it occurred to me that Hickory smoke is one of my all-time greatest smells in the world. It’s kinda hard on the old eyes, but it has a smell that my brain automatically associates with the best BBQ on the planet.


I believe that Hickory is something the good Lord created for the sole purpose of southern BBQ.

In full disclosure, I must admit to liking Mesquite for chicken, but for any good BBQ, even chicken, you just can’t go wrong with Hickory.

That my friends, is not open for discussion.

So, don’t waste my time trying to argue about it with me.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Except for you commie bastards and terrorist; I hope y’all fuckin die.


Life is good on LZ Jerry


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